Our Speciality

Laser Engraving

We are expert in Subsurface & surface engraving within Crystal, Glass, Wood, Lather, Acrylic, Stone, Marble & Tiles. Our Products are mainly 2D/ 3D Portraits, Product logo, Crest and Medal, Insignia Titles, Promotional Ad-specialty texts.

In our factory, delicate craftsmanship and modern-day technology is combined together with water-clear leaded crystal produce 3D images of fantastic result.

Our one-of-a-kind crystal is truly unique in a world of mass production. Each piece is heavy yet ethereal, transparent yet reflective. Our crystal is a timeless gift that will surely be treasured from generation to generation.

You just won't believe how beautiful these laser-cut crystal pieces are. The etching is completely inside the crystal/ glass leaving the outside smooth and sparkling all the way around.

The crystal block when put on a Rotary base that radiates light into the crystal, which slowly alternates between combinations of blue, red, orange, and green light to give the crystal image a truly captivating beauty.

We will happily work with you for your corporate gifting needs. Let us place your company logo on our fine crystal for a truly memorable gift.

Foil Printing

With our foil printing machine, we can foil print onto wide range of leather products. Using this system, we ensure clear and accurate design as per our clients requirement.

Pad Printing

We are also specialized in the sectorof pad printing. Our production facility assures Multicolor quality pad printing on irregular, curved, uneven, textured and flat surfaces.


We have unique skills of etching & engraving on Crystal, glass and marble through sandblasting which ensure more even finishing.


Creating raised surface we use this art of technology to get on image or design on various materials.

Color image

Using color image machine, we can digitally print colorful, high-resolution transfers on crystal, ceramic, glass and more. We have in-house technology to personalize a variety of products, such as mugs, plaques, T-shirts etc.

  *** We Also supply 3pcs/ 5 pcs Gift Set, Pen Holder, Ladies parts, Comb & Mirror, Paper Weight, Lighter, Key Ring, Leather Key Ring, Wallet, Neck Tie, Jhar Bati, Show Pcs, Desktop Item, Different Type crest***